Saturday, 31 July 2010

Using Hypnosis Audio To Reinforce Hypnosis

Hypnosis tapes still do exist though most people have gone to hypnosis CDs and digital downloads. The process is still the same, it's the quality that differs. Also, you may find it difficult these days to actually find a cassette recorder and if so hypnosis tapes may not be so easily available.

The term self hypnosis tapes can be misleading because all hypnosis tapes can be considered self hypnosis tapes. The confusion comes in when you think that because someone is speaking on the tape it's not yourself that's making the hypnotic process happen. But though you are being guided by the voice on the tape it can still be considered a self hypnotic process. This is because it is dais that all hypnosis is self hypnosis for the person needs to allow the process to take place and be a willing participant.

Finding weight loss hypnosis tapes on the internet around the New Year while resolutions kick in are almost as easy as finding people who send junk email. It's amazing how many people jump back on that New Year resolution band wagon each year but the rest of the year eat out of control and get fatter and fatter. And when you look for weight loss hypnosis tapes to help you the best may not be in that wave of tapes available around that time.

The two main reasons people don't have results is their misunderstanding of the need to have a real desire. Not a wishy-washy wishful thought like, "Sure, I'd like to stop" but a real committed desire to end the habit once and for all. The second is their misunderstanding as to how to use a hypnosis tape stop smoking program.

The way I am referring to a self hypnosis tape in this article is more based on being guided to do self hypnosis for any purpose but there are self hypnosis tapes with specific titles on a variety of topics that will guide a person to their inner ability to achieve their goals. This is what most hypnosis tapes are like, They are created with suggestions for a specific topic that assists someone to reach the associated goal intended on the self hypnosis tape.

I remember when I was looking through the hypnosis tapes I had as masters the weight loss hypnosis tape and a few others had looked like they dried out or something. And the glue that holds that felt piece in place that the tape runs across had dried up and the felt piece just fell off.

During the course of my recording hypnosis tapes over the years I have recorded hypnosis tapes for so many different issues. At first it was the most common topics you hear about but then it went further and further into different issues people have or just goals they wanted to achieve.

The key factors involved are desire, belief and expectancy. Whenever a person has this going for them there is an internal process that happens no matter how powerful the suggestions may be on the stop smoking hypnosis tape.

Hypnosis tapes and Cds should be used to help reinforce suggestions after visiting a local hypnotist. To find the best hypnosis tapes or CDs for you, please visit our web site.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hypnosis Programs On CD

There are so many people offering a hypnosis CD or hypnosis audio programs. Some are more well known but be sure how they are well known. Is it self promotion and advertising so they look like they are "the best" or have they been endorsed by reputable sources and have received their recognition from other sources.

Statistics show that more and more people are looking for ways to feel better, be healthier and have a calm mind. When we are calm in our thoughts and emotions we literally improve our physical health as well. The advantage of using hypnosis CDs is that you can do this when the time is convenient for you, not a scheduled appointment, and in the privacy of your own home. Hypnosis CD self improvement methods are helpful to varying degrees among people.

You can get a single hypnosis CD, sets of 2 or more and even a big audio program. There is only so much that you will need so look at the titles and choose what suits you so that with the hypnosis CD weight loss will have a better chance. If you use too much, like a ten pack of CDs you may confuse and cloud your mind and the direction you want it to take. It's best to be clear and precise.

People have fallen into the trap of conscious thinking using the struggle of will power, though everyone who does it knows it doesn't work. And if or when it does, it's short lived. The process hypnosis CDs self motivate is the subconscious process to change, which is the only effective way.

What matters most is that you do your research and not believe what you're told. Who is behind the message, what is their intent and why are they saying what they are saying?

Other reasons for varied results are based on the creator of the hypnosis CD. If the language patterns are not created correctly they may be ineffective. Also some people create a hypnosis CD that sounds like something from a mystery movie with too many sound effects or enhanced vocal sounds, which are truly unnecessary and sometimes so annoying the hypnosis CD isn't used

When using a hypnosis CD stop smoking is easier when your desire to stop is stronger. One key element is to have a strong desire for any change before the change can happen. Once the desire is strong and you believe you can make this change, along with the help of the hypnosis CD stop smoking becomes easier to do.

There is so much that we did easily and naturally as children that as adults we have issue with. Children do not have all the thoughts and emotions mixing them up. They simply respond as nature intended, whether it's in how they eat, sleep, use their internal confidence or wander in their minds and fantasize.

So there may not be one best hypnosis CD for it depends on what the person is looking to accomplish and what they are more personally comfortable with. Listen to audio samples on websites if you can to give you an idea if this would be the best hypnosis CD for you.

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Covert Hypnosis - How Does It Work?

Covert Hypnosis is the ability to hypnotize people without them ever knowing it. With hypnosis you can manipulate another person's psyche and influence his or her decision making process, desires, wishes, and perception. So I think you might already know some about what caovert hypnosis is capable of, but here I need to address some of the limitations built into covert hypnosis, some of the myths that people have around hypnosis. People do think that covert hypnosis is an all-powerful force that controls people's minds, is capable of leaping tall buildings, and doing all kinds of crazy things. As a hypnotist you really need to understand what you can achieve, and what the limits are to what is possible with hypnosis.

One of the first limits is this idea of mind control. Mind control hypnosis does not exist. When someone is hypnotized, they are not your slave. They are not someone who has to do everything you tell them to. In hypnosis they merely want to do more of the things you suggest to them.

However, there are limits. For example, you cannot get someone to break their moral code under covert hypnosis. You can't force someone to commit a crime like murder or theft if they wouldn't be willing to do that crime under normal circumstances anyway.

The reverse is also true. You can't treat criminal behavior with just covert hypnosis. You need to have the person's will included in the process. If someone is, for example, a kleptomaniac - that is to say, someone who has to keep stealing things, but they want to stop stealing - then hypnosis can be used tremendously well.

If someone is a thief and doesn't care about being a thief, then hypnosis will do nothing to change that person. If it worked differently then we wouldn't need prisons. We would just send hypnotists in and we'd solve all those problems that are currently faced by the prison population.

In covert hypnosis, your mind is still under your control. The difference is that in covert hypnosis you get to experience things that you otherwise would not allow yourself to experience. As a result, you get to enjoy a different kind of life. You get to test out what life would be like if the world was different. If you like it, you get to keep it.

Want to learn more about Covert Hypnosis and how you can hypnotize people secretly without their knowing in just minutes? Please go to my site now at Successful Hypnosis. To be able to successfully hypnotize someone you will need to find the right hypnosis course to learn from.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Move You Don't Have Stand Still

Time for a change? Find your passion and joy. Find yourself.

The end of a relaxed summer season can leave you flat and unmotivated. When looking forward to ramping up for the Fall, the inclination is to consider all the work we have to do... all the changes we have to make ... all the relationships we have to repair and all the compromises we have to face.

No wonder we're not motivated and energised to get back into the swing of things!! Maybe this time we start looking for the good stuff. The potential we have in ourselves and in our lives. Children celebrate who they are, every day. The laugh without restraint, they cry without embarrassment, they move to music, enjoy the wet of rain, celebrate the hot sun, glory in the chill of snow. What happened to us? How did we grow out of celebrating each moment of our life? How did we come to need 'motivating' to live joyfully?

Here are five ways to find your joy in life. To allow yourself to celebrate who and how you are. To bring the best of you to achieve your goals and share your light.

1. Know where you are now... exactly where you are. You need to write down where you are stuck. Be very detailed about it. Make the lists under the headings: I'm stuck physically here (include all the feelings this 'stuckness' gives you). I'm stuck emotionally here. I'm stuck intellectually here. I'm stuck spiritually here. If you wish you could add to this, where you are stuck in relationships, family, career and life skills.

2. Take a sheet of paper and divide it down the middle. One side at the top, write Plus Energy, on the other side write Minus Energy. Now make a list of all the people you come in contact with on a regular basis who add to your energy, and who take energy from you.

3. Make a list of the things you do, or say to yourself, which give you energy, and which deplete your energy. For instance, do you really need to see the 11 p.m. news? Do you munch on candy or drink more than a glass of wine each evening, leaving you to feel draggy in the morning? Do you feel better - or worse about yourself after seeing a particular friend?

4. Next sheet of paper. List the numbers, 1 to 52. Next to each number, write down one small thing that you commit to do each week to move the Minus Energy item over to the Plus side. For instance, if you have a friend who, although is seemingly a very nice and kind person, somehow always makes you feel 'less than' after you've seen her or him, then decide what you're going to do about this. You might not want to give up the friendship totally, but instead of meeting for dinner, maybe you meet for a movie, and there's less time for toxic talk. All it takes is one small change a week, moving in the right direction, to change your life. As you begin to change your world, one small step at a time, you will find it becomes easier and easier to make larger changes. Anyone can do one small thing a week!

5. Visualise you being the best you can be. Use self-hypnosis to invent the life you want and install it into your subconscious mind. If you don't know how to do this, find a certified consulting hypnotist in your area and ask them to teach you. It shouldn't take more than one or two sessions in their clinic. As you do this, it becomes the blueprint for your actions, thoughts and behaviours, so that both consciously and subconsciously you are moving with positive energy towards the new you!

Hang this 52-week promise to yourself on the fridge, or somewhere you will see it everyday. Celebrate your life, your time on this planet, and the magnificent human being that you are! One small change at a time, through the power of your magnificent mind.

Dr Georgina Cannon, board certified consulting hypnotherapist is a best-selling author, international lecturer, and director of the Ontario Hypnosis School and Clinic teaching both clients and students to find their own power and magnificence.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Using Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss

We are often told that healthy people tend to like a lot of fruits and vegetables. What I have found is that many over-weight people also like their fruits and vegetables, but they also have a compulsion to over eat. They try a large number of the many diet programs and fail to loss the extra pounds or the compulsion to over eat. They become frustrated with dieting and decide to give up. Good news, there is an answer!

We live by habits - failure habits or success habits. Our habits are reflected in our conscious behavior, but the real controller is at a uch deeper level call the subconscious mind. Stored in the subconscious mind are the negative thoughts and beliefs that instruct our conscious mind to behave in certain ways. To change our behavior, we must reach down into the deeper level of consciousness and change the accumulated "Bad" ideas that reside there.

The easiest method I know of to do this is with hypnosis or self-hypnosis. Hypnosis holds the key to reprogramming your subconscious mind to change negative beliefs, including beliefs about food. Hypnosis or self-hypnosis can help you by training the subconscious mind to overcome the negative thoughts and beliefs about eating, which in turn causes the conscious mind to make better, healthier decisions about what and when to eat. I assure you, if you are struggling with weight loss, hypnosis can provide the extra motivation to enable you to escape the many food traps that get in the way of you losing weight.

Self hypnosis can help you make the changes quickly and more easily than you would ever imagine possible. Especially now, that there is a new self hypnosis technique called "brainwave entertainment or brainwave programming". We all have heard about brain waves, and most of us know that our brain waves respond to certain frequencies. Well, brainwave programming is based upon this principle of frequencies affecting the brain waves. This hypnosis technique trains your subconscious mind through brain wave technology to change negative thoughts and beliefs, which allows you to make massive improvements in your life. Brainwave technology is used to make CD's, and all you have to do is listen.

Using weight loss hypnosis is nothing new. Hypnosis has been used for many years to create positive change in people's lives. What is new is brainwave programming, which greatly improves the success of hypnotic and self-hypnotic techniques. The CD's made with this technique will not only help you to loss weight, they will help you to finally get rid of the negative thoughts and negative self image.

Herman Wheeler http://www.yourbrainwork.com

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Building Rapport

What dose rapport mean? With my entertainers hat on, as a magician it means getting people into the right place, to lead them with the use of suggestion and influence, with the aim of creating entertainment. Leading people to become a part of an unforgettable experience, leading people into a fun and exciting place for a little escapisum and that is what entertainment should be. The reason for gaining rapport with people is to lead them, whether its the purchasing of goods or services or to lead them in the relinquishing of fears and anxieties, toward the gaining of confidence and motivation or indeed for any other purpose.

In my work I start by assuming that I have rapport already and lead. Many of the masters of influence and rapport will also assume they are leading and generally people will follow. Sheer personal power and charisma are enough to put you in the leading position and the more we continue to develop our charisma the more we become likeable and influential and the easier we make it for others to gain rapport with us as we lead. There is more, you are also a performer or a speaker, therapist, salesman, consumer or in any kind of situation with people and they are giving you their attention, right? They are listening and ready to follow, so you can influence and lead them to better health, wealth, happiness or any number of other vibrant destinations...

Buying some petrol the other day I walked happily up to the counter and in a confident manner announced/asked: "good morning Graham, and how are you?" to the man I had never met before, displaying as per Sainsbury's directions for all the world to see his most personal of all possessions, his name. Making full use of a person's name will go a long way to creating rapport, taking the time to say hello and enquire after him opened a dialogue, a happy and upbeat dialogue with Graham.

When working as the aforementioned prestidigitator in delightfully exotic and splendid locations I like to introduce myself to the table or group by firstly explaining to them what I'm doing and then by supplying my name. I then proceed to ask the names of all the people on the table; once they have all been supplied I restate my name and the magic begins. The audience are no longer merely passive observers but are now all active participants in the event because; I have entered into a dialogue, a verbal exchange with everybody on the table. They are already doing what I have asked, admittedly I have only asked them to tell me their names and I volunteered my name to them first, nonetheless they have still complied with my request. Next I can ask them to comply with other small requests, like choose a card and they will follow more readily…

We already have rapport with people; it's just a question of deepening it. When on holiday if you meet a person from the same hometown as you, in general most people will instantly feel a connection, (a connection will even be felt when they are merely from the same country as you, if you are holidaying abroad). The differences between you and them, have been minimised by finding some commonality. There are many ways of minimising those differences, as I'm sure you are aware. The use of techniques like:

Matching and mirroring of body language. Matching of predicates, (The words we use) Matching of voice tonality and Rate of speech. The sneaky use of embedded commands. Association etc…

These techniques all have their place. As a performer I have the lovely position of choosing who I work with and from an audience I pick the person with whom I think I will get the best results, based on my observations of them from the outset. With maybe 10 minuets in each groups delightful company it is I find important to establish rapport very quickly.

A table, just as any audience will have its leaders and followers (it is normally foot stools and chairs that follow tables); there will always be loud people on the table just as there will always be quiet, shy people there. If you attempt to gain your maximum rapport with the shy people on the table the louder and more dominant people, wanting some of the attention for themselves, will split the dynamic of the table or group. If however you angle a higher percentage of your attention to the person or people in the group who seem to be dominating the table already and gain rapport with them the others will follow their example much easier (and the example they are to follow is one of respect and indeed in the giving of clear and open sensory input channels to me.) This luxury affords me the opportunity to be aware of my influence on other people who are en-rapport with me and, for a moment in time, lead and entertain them…

…where will you lead and who will follow? Learning N.L.P and hypnosis I find will inspire you to become more interested in the whole area of persuasion, influence and the development of yourself and your abilities in every area of your life that you are aware of and indeed new areas you will find as you continue with your adventures on our most resplendent planet, Earth.

Parts of this article have been taken from the book The Art of Suggestion and Influence: Practical Applications for Magicians and Mind Readers, by John Vincent. And can be ordered at www.HowToReadMinds.co.uk

John has assisted Paul McKenna P.h.D and Dr Richard Bandler to teach N.L.P and Hypnosis to thousands of people from all over the world. A professional Magician John has carved a niche as one of the UK's top close-up Magicians and Mind Readers, working for Blue Chip companies, celebrities and on TV. Contact info@john-vincent.co.uk

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Techniques Of Self Hypnosis

A daily practice of self hypnosis is better than an apple a day. Remember the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well we know that was a bit farfetched but made the point to eat your daily fruit. The true fruits to be had for mental, emotional and physical health and well being all stem from our inner self, the mind. The way we think and feel is what it's all about and self hypnosis is the way to maintaining that inner balance and positive self.

It's becoming more and more talked about and mentioned in media these days. It seems the use of meditation and other personal self improvement practices like hypnosis self help methods have gained in popularity. People are not doing something new, they are just going to what has always been available and THE way for personal awareness and growth.

However, the majority of people using CDs self hypnosis programs for personal improvement usually receive some benefit as just the process of daily relaxation and time alone gives us benefits emotionally and physically. When using CDs self hypnosis is easier as the listener is being guided rather than doing this alone, like meditation, but what if the listener doesn't like the speaker's accent or vocal tone or the background sounds? This is yet a possibility for another disadvantage of using CDs.

It's not only a true benefit to a person's life to use hypnosis recordings for personal change but it's also fun to do. Sometimes I wish I had more time to devote to creating hypnosis audio programs because I do really enjoy the process. I know there is potential to help more people I would otherwise never meet and I'm also able to use the creative part of me that I enjoy. Creating hypnosis recordings can also be fun as they have such a range in topics and subject matter.

Imagine the thousands of people who have used my hypnosis audio programs and tell their friend, "I just found the best self hypnosis CDs" and their friend tells them, "No, I just found the best." So they decide to switch and test each other's "best" and find they didn't like it as much as what they originally used. Both are good but really, what determines the best self hypnosis anything? Perception is what determines what is best for anyone.

Hypnosis is a very powerful yet natural and therefore safe process that has been in play since there was man. We are influenced by suggestion be it intentional or not and hypnosis is 'bypassing the analytical conscious mind to access the subconscious'. That's one definition but it is the basis of all the definitions and what hypnosis is. And you can help self hypnosis help you but only if you use it. Isn't that the problem with all things?

There is a difference between guided hypnosis with a facilitator, such as a certified hypnotist or self hypnosis hypnosis process either alone or with the use of an audio while alone. With the facilitator you are guided and with self hypnosis you guide. However, it is said that all hypnosis is self hypnosis because the individual must allow the process to happen. You see, entering the hypnotic state of mind is simply the same as when we daydream. Now if you were someone who for some odd reason never wanted to daydream, once you felt it happening you could pop yourself right back to a complete alert and aware state.

Self hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years, sometimes even without you knowing that you are hypnotized. Different Self Hypnosis programs can be found at our web site. Please take a moment to visit us.